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반도체제조용 기자재

Engineering Plastics



반도체제조용 기자재

Edge Grinding / Polishing Wheels

DIAMOTEC manufactures over 50 different shaped stainless steel wheels in OD sizes 1-1/2", 2", 4" 6" & 8".

"WATLOW" Heaters & Thermal Systems

CHEMTECH KOREA는 WATLOW가 Design하고 생산한 각종의 Heaters, Thermocouples, Sensor 및 Controller를 공급합니다.

"PITTMAN" DC Motor & Encoder

Part numbers and specs for more than 100 PittmanExpressTM DC Motors...
Ready for immediate shipment.

"ENCON" Safety Products

ENCON designs and manufactures an extensive range of quality eyewash and facewash equipment that provides first aid treatment for hazardous material exposure also ENCON's Combination Shower / Eyewash units provide both a full body and a localized orbital area coverage in one station.

"RASMI" Products

RFI Filters, Power Line filter for AC, DC & Servo Motor drives.

"Hi-Lite" Lighting Transformers, Emergency Lighting & Underwater-Underground Luminaires.

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